Hey guys!

Whether you’ve stumbled here accidentally, or are looking for nailspiration, I’d just like to say welcome to my blog. I’m an 18-year old aspiring Economist, who spends too much time on my nails.


I change my nail colours/design almost every day and have built up quite a collection. I started this blog because I decided that I want to share them with you (also because it’s summer and I’m incredibly bored). So from day to day I will post pictures of my nails. Some that I did months ago, some that are new. Don’t be too harsh, I’m not professional in any way and this is simply for fun!

I love doing my nails because they’re my own portable canvas. Doing them de-stresses me, and it’s fun.

Nails have taught me to be bold in life: nothing is permanent, just as my nails grow it follows that life is a journey that stops for no one.

They’ve taught me to be assertive, as uncertain strokes make the polish clumpy. They’ve taught me to be confident, and show off bright colours. They’ve taught me to be patient, and let them grow before cutting them off. They’ve taught me to not let others judge you for what you enjoy doing.

Most importantly, they’ve taught me to love and do what you love.

I hope that you enjoy seeing my joy 🙂


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