These Nails Were Made for Wearing

As I’m new to WordPress I was browsing the homepage and was interested by the Daily Prompt, given below:

I love English and writing too, but since this is a nail post I’ll talk about one of my favourite manicures.


Dashing Diva Color FX, Not Really A Sin

My best friend came to visit me in Manila about a month ago as her graduation present. She used to live here too, but moved to Mexico and then Sri Lanka 3 and a half years ago.

When she was here we went and had our nails done at Dashing Diva in Powerplant Mall. I’ve been eyeing these Color FX nails for a few months now and thought that this would be the perfect time to try them.

I’ve tried nail stickers by OPI and Sally Hansen before, so I thought that this would be the same. Sally Hansen and OPI use real nail polish in strips, and it can be removed using acetone. This however was entirely different! The strip of pink is actually plastic-y, like the kind of material used for wall decals. It can easily be peeled off and reapplied in case of mistakes. Here is the link to the Dashing Diva site where they feature ColorFX:

They give 34 strips, and most of them are all two-sided, one that is a full block of colour and the other side is half clear for french tips. Therefore you could actually use the strips for two manicure sessions. There are also strips that fit your toenails.

I decided to go for the full block of colour. Some of the strips didn’t fit my nail perfectly so my manicurist just trimmed the edges. Then, once they were all stuck on they added a layer of Gel! It was really cool – I love gel nails because they dry instantly so there’s no worries about messing up your nails, and they’re very very durable.

These nails are DEFINITELY made for wearing. They claim to last perfectly for up to two weeks. My nails grow pretty fast and I get bored of having the same colour for too long so I removed them after only a week, but they were still perfect and really pretty.

Taking them off was really easy. You just rubbed a bit of baby/nail oil onto your fingers and use a wooden tool or otherwise to gently peel at the corner, after which you can just grab it with your fingers and pull the rest off. There’s no damage done to the nail at all! I prefer this to fake nails, which usually end up destroying my nails beds, or normal gel nails because you can easily remove it yourself at home.

The cost of this was Php450 ($11) for the pack, and Php300 ($7) for the manicure, so a total of Php750 ($18) which I consider pretty cheap and worth it! There’s also other really pretty ColorFX designs which I want to try in the future, though they are slightly more expensive.

Anyways, these nails did take me on adventures. That week with my best friend was one of the highlights of my summer, and I’m glad that I didn’t have to worry about my nails chipping or becoming ruined the entire time.


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