Feeling Neon!

So for my first post I thought that I’d show you my current nails and what I used to do them:


August 24 Nails of the Day. Not yet properly cleaned, in natural light.

Decided to play around with my birthday gifts and have a tribaly-summery-vibe. (Click read more)

For my birthday, my friend got me the OPI Neon Revolution mini collection!


OPI Neon Revolution Set

Aren’t they cute? There are 4 neon shades: Don’t Say It – Yellow It!, The Time is Pow, Pink Outside the Box, and Blue It Out of Proportion. It also comes with a white base and top coat.

I love how OPI have such adorable names for all of their shades. The bottles each have 3.75ml of polish, compared to their standard 15ml. Below is a comparison of the regular bottle and the mini bottle. Of course, as the bottle got smaller so did the brush. I usually really love OPI’s brush as it’s a bit flat and easily glides over the entire nail. However, with this design it was great that the brush was a lot thinner as it made it really easy to do the horizontal stripes.


OPI Regular and Small Bottles: Jade is the New Black (15ml), and Pink Outside the Box (3.75ml).

So this is the design that I did! I took pictures in natural light,ย in yellow room light, and with flash.


Natural Light (as above)


With Flash


Yellow Light

It looks even better in sunlight! The neon colours aren’t really “neon” per se, but they’re very bright and definitely eye catching.

So what did I do? Unfortunately I don’t have step-by-step pictures as I wasn’t originally thinking of making a blog, so I only have the final product. I’ll just list step-by-step instructions. I promise next time I post about a new design I’ll have step-by-step pictures too!

  1. Two coats of white base coat.ย I was originally going to use just one like the box instructed, but it wasn’t fully opaque and last time I only used one coat the colour on top ended up streaky and uneven. I have OCD, so this time I wanted to be sure that the colour on top would be even.


    White Base Coat

  2. Then I painted the pink stripe first, as I was originally intending to do a neon-pink french manicure design. This was the easiest stripe to do as I’m very used to painting my own french tips (I’ll make a post on French Tips sometime soon!). For each stripe of each colour, I used two coats because with one you could still sort of see the white underneath. Two (as the box suggests) really made them pop more. I’m really in love with the colours actually, so much fun and so many things you can do with them!


    Pink Outside the Box

  3. Next I painted the orange stripe in the middle. This was probably the hardest stripe because I had to try to not make it too thick, and yet make it straight and even. It went over the sides a lot, but it was easy enough to clean up afterwards!
  4. The yellow was the last stripe. It was pretty easy to do because I just slobbered it on and wasn’t too fussed about getting it on my skin, as yellow is an easy light colour to swipe off with a bit of acetone. Before I cleaned it up, my nails looked like this:


    Messy nails, before cleaning

  5. I was then going to leave it just with stripes, but it felt like something was missing. I just spontaneously grabbed my nail art pens that two of my other friends gave me (it’s as if they know I love doing my nails or something :o) and did small dots with the dark blue, and zigzags with the green. It was so hard keeping my hands, especially my left, steady:

  6. Penultimately, top coat! The neon stripes were quite thick so I first used Orly’s Sec ‘n Dry Top Coat which made it dry really quickly! However, the shine isn’t great so then I did another coat of the Top Coat in the Neon Revolution Set.
  7. The last step of course was cleaning. I usually don’t clean the outside of my nails because there’s no need, and any small smudges will quickly disappear when I wash my hands with soap, but this was necessary.
  8. Viola! ๐Ÿ™‚ A cool summery neon nail design.

I hope you enjoyed reading, if you’ve made it this far.

Please leave comments, suggestions, etc. It would mean a lot.


– VK


2 thoughts on “Feeling Neon!

  1. These look great! Can’t believe you did them freehand. I’ll be looking forward to your french tips tutorial; I’d love to learn how to do those without guides!

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